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Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 4Vampire’s Daughter
There used to be a window in one wall. I can see the outline, like a porthole.…View Post

The Fragments of Early Life

Forty years of doubt and recriminations: It has been a life.

Truth be told, I’ve very few memories of my dozen years of wakefulness. They’re foggy at best. And even those rare memories are smeared and dreamy:

…my mother plays cards with a groups of…

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What I Want from You

All I want
is my two front teeth
and a red and yellow wall of flame
to separate us. A flickering rise
of firelight to shine
on the remains.

You’ve left me

for the last time. Now
I sharpen my fangs
on what’s left of you.

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Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 3Vampire’s Daughter
Towering around the cabin, coned pine trees crowd needle and branch against thin…View Post
Vampire’s Daughter – Chapter 6 WIP, part 2Vampire’s Daughter
Despite the cold, there is no smoke pouring from the chimney, yet there is no…View Post
Vampire’s Daughter - Chapter 6 WIP, part 1Vampire’s Daughter
Closely following the blood trail, I burst out of the underbrush and into a…View Post

Under the Influence of KaTe

Sometimes there are five faces
of wow in our breath. You
never knew me.
As a child,

howling under ice: still

I am two steps and running away,
never knowing moments of pleasure–
of us dying together so that we might

survive. Yet, what would I do


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I want to escapeGravity, (long form
of grave), pulls me
to reality. I’d rather rise
to cremation, tosupersition and…View Post
Vampire’s Daughter - Chapter 5Vampire’s Daughter
“You’re late.” Tom tapped his beer bottle on the table and glared at Laura. The…View Post
Butterfly Twinkle PowderI started working on a Zombie story featuring “butterfly twinkle powder,” a phrase I got from a…View Post